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31. MAY 2024 | 6.00 - 7.30 pm

Jamie Raskin | The Unthinkable - Fighting for American Democracy

LIVESTREAM FROM WASHINGTON (DC) WITH JAMIE RASKIN (Member of the US House of Representatives)

PD Dr. Irmtrud Wojak (Fritz Bauer Forum)

Followed by questions and answers via livestream with
Prof. Dr. Pierre Thielbörger (Institute for International Law of Peace and Armed Conflict, Ruhr University Bochum)

The event is also part of the virtual event series Road to Election 2024, a collaboration of over 30 transatlantic partners.

PLEASE NOTE: The event will be held in English, there will be no translation into German. However, it will be possible to ask questions in German. A recording of the event including a German translation will be published on our website afterwards.

Location: Bochumer Fenster (main entrance), Massenbergstraße 11, 44787 Bochum, lecture hall BF EG/22
Time: 6:00 – 7.30 pm
Admission: free

You can also participate in the Zoom meeting:

Meeting ID: 409 592 4654
ID code: fritzbauer

  • Description

The name stands for the struggle for the democratic tradition in the USA in the 21st century: Jamie Raskin, member of the Democratic Party in the US Congress, expert in constitutional law and prosecutor in the second impeachment trial against Donald Trump.

At the invitation of the Fritz Bauer Forum in Bochum, Jamie Raskin talks about Trump’s failed coup attempt and how he experienced that day in Congress. The lawyer has written a very personal book about it, which is also the moving story of his son Thomas B. Raskin. Rep. Raskin’s lecture is about how conservative and far-right forces want to restructure the state apparatus and the judiciary in the USA. Is American democracy in danger?

Jamie Raskin’s book, Das Undenkbare. Trauma, Tatsachen und die Tücken der amerikanischen Demokratie. Translated into German by Nathaniel Horowitz and Karoline Ruhdorfer (Bibliothek Literatur und Menschenrechte, ed. by Irmtrud Wojak, Joaquín González Ibáñez and Holger Buck): BUXUS EDITION, 2023, ISBN 978-3-949379-09-3 is available to buy here.

Click here for a video interview that editor Dr. Irmtrud Wojak conducted in 2023 with Jamie Raskin in Washington, who was still battling cancer at the time.




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