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Irmtrud Wojak (Ed.)

"Human Dignity is Inviolable"

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The foundation stone for the Fritz Bauer Forum, center for human rights, was symbolically laid in Bochum on August 11, 2021.

ISBN: 978-3-949379-04-8
October 2021
51 pages
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Speeches at the Laying of the Foundation Stone of the Fritz Bauer Forum on August 11, 2021

A center for human rights is being built in Bochum

The foundation stone for the Fritz Bauer Forum was symbolically laid in Bochum on August 11, 2021. A center for human rights with a fascinating interactive library, seminar, studio and exhibition rooms, a café and a garden is being created on the site of the former Havkenscheid mourning hall.

Fritz Bauer answered the question of why he returned to Germany in 1952 with the spectacular (Remer) trial. As the prosecutor, Bauer succeeded in having the court call the Nazi state an unjust state and recognize that the resistance fighters had acted out of a sense of responsibility. It is thanks to Fritz Bauer that the alternatives to Hitler, for which he also committed himself by a life “In the struggle of human rights”, cannot be forgotten. They were perceived by groups of the labor movement, the Confessing Church, individual members of the Catholic Church, the bureaucracy and the Wehrmacht. By those who helped the persecuted Jews, Sinti and Roma, the disabled and in general the persecuted, when this human assistance had been declared a crime.

The Fritz Bauer Forum is committed to the always and constantly current history of resistance against dictatorial violence, against nationalism, racism and anti-Semitism. As Article 1 of the Basic Law demands: “Human dignity is inviolable. To respect and protect it is the obligation of all state authority.”

Contact for more information about the center for human rights:


“Human dignity is inviolable”. Laying of the Foundation Stone Fritz Bauer Forum. Ed. by Irmtrud Wojak. Bochum: BUXUS EDITION, 2021, 51 pages, ISBN 978-3-949379-04-8.


eBook / PDF, Softcover

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